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I can bring marketing and web communication experience to your company. Let’s explore and execute a strategy, then optimize (measure and adjust).

In my last position as Marketing Strategist, our team would assess the client’s business goals and build a strategy that would strive to meet them. We brainstormed and then pitched a wide variety of both outrageous and traditional marketing and PR strategies. I also selected, installed, and customized web applications for our clients. I prioritize and balance the work load over as many as 4 different clients. I worked directly with clients to obtain assets, discuss copy and tactics. My team would sometimes work on weekends to meet deadlines.

My day to day activities include management of clients social media profiles (mostly Twitter, Facebook, YouTube), ad buying, performing competitive analysis of clients’ market space, contributing to case studies, blogger and media outreach, blog writing, creating client websites in HTML and CSS, testing work in multiple browsers, performing SEO, social media optimization, YouTube search optimization, web traffic analysis and reporting using Radian6, Techrigy and Google Analytics, running tests with Google Website Optimizer, newsletter writing and mailing list application management, video editing, and buying stock photos.

Marketing Strategist

Here are some of the concepts I conceived which our clients approved and then allowed us to execute.

I conceptualized outreach to the prospective customers of our client, a musical instrument manufacturer, which incorporated the Rock Band video game. We then held a series of events at music stores to help incorporate positive feelings with the brand. This resulted in positive feedback from attendees and the clients and their dealers were pleased.

Another campaign I conceptualized was regional meetups for drummers. Drummers love to hang out and meet other drummers, and the free pizza and door prizes consisting of drum kits, snares, and hardware was an added bonus for them. I coordinated the promotional materials (copy, graphics, posting to social websites) for these events, and assisted in the outreach to relevant bloggers and pitched the events as something their readers would find interesting. This resulted in positive feelings for the client’s brand. We followed up by posting photos on Flickr and Facebook.

A third idea was a page on the client’s website which featured the client’s end users with the product. The client was a fairly unknown brand of drums. With artist endorsement off the table, I propose we flip that idea around by suggesting we show how drummers have endorsed the brand. I posted photos and bios from several customers that had reached out to us. The featured customer page turned into one of the most popular pages on the site. It help to demonstrate social proof and show people are actually purchasing these kits. It was an inexpensive way to give something back to these customers. I promote their gigs in newsletters and on the Facebook Fan Page.

Web Development

When it comes to execute strategies on the web, I create landing pages, post events, update Facebook and Twitter accounts, create videos, and craft newsletters. I use WordPress and Drupal for client websites, writing copy, coding the site in HTML/CSS form a designer’s mockups, install plugins and modules. I set up a contest site in Drupal that allowed users to submit videos and allow other users to vote on them. Portfolio is available by request.

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Do you need a web developer for a Drupal or WordPress project? A marketing strategist to manage your social media profiles, search ads, or SEO? Contact me here.

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