What is better: SEO or SMO?

You can spend engineering resources on fighting spam like Matt Cutts and team, or you could spend talent resources on writing and curtaining content like Jason Calacanis, Jimmy Wales, and passionate bloggers.

Likewise, you can spend engineering resources to make sure you rank well in search engines with SEO, or you can create value for your users/customers by allowing them to poll you presence with a social media strategy like blogging, Twitter, curated bookmarks, teaching them like Brian Clark at Copyblogger, or helping them kick ass like Kathy Sierra, until they are compelled to become a paying customer.

Is one better than the other? Those that made their name with one may downplay the other, but that is human nature. It is better to be a good sales person than a strategy picker.

The odd thing is that SEOs see SMO as an SEO strategy, and SMOs see SEO as a dying strategy. Let’s just call it all evolving web strategy.

If you are in town for SMX Social Media, we can discuss this further. Look for me at the bar at the Westin. Add me on Twitter if you can’t find me.

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One Response to What is better: SEO or SMO?

  1. SMO = SEO+ Internet Marketing.
    In my point is view You can proceed organically SEO / SMO.

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