The Truth Emerges: Valleywag at the TechCrunch/PopSugar Party

Jackson West and Mike ArringtonWhat you are looking at is an ambushing of Mike Arrnington at his own party with the intention of pissing him off and creating news for Valleywag, and the real reason behind all of the drama. (Update: In the comments for this photo, Bonny says it was innocent enough, but the depiction here is probably how Arrington saw it). And here, Owen Thomas does a piece to suggest humorously Arrington’s over reaction. Whether this tactic was suggested from above by Denton or Thomas, or if Bonny and Jackson cooked it up themselves, I do not know. But now I feel we were all (or at least I was) an unintended, unwitting pawn in creating news for Valleywag.

Jackson West approached Arrnington, saying “Hi, I am with Valleywag” as Bonny shot the reaction: Arrnington storming off to find bouncers, kicking them both out moments later. In case you are not aware, Valleywag does about one disparaging pieces a week on Arrnington, and I can understand why he would not want them at his private party. But Jackson and Bonny are new to the team. They could have remained at the party without stirring anything up, but that would not be in true Valleywag form. Stirring the pot and making the news happen, it seems, was there intention, and they accomplished their mission.

Do I mind the exposure for the part I took? Not really, but now it appears it was at the expense of Arrington’s nerves, and I am not completely comfortable with that. But perhaps it is just the tax Arrington has to pay for fame and success. It would have helped if Arrnington had explained all of this to me at the time, but emotions were running high with everyone, the club was loud and dark, and it was not possible. As for Bonny, she is a sweet girl, and I guess if she wants to work for Valleywag, that is her choice. I suppose neither Bonny nor Jackson were surprised that they were personally escorted out by Arrnington and the bouncers after what they did. By the time I became involved, Valleywag already made the news, I just helped to unknowingly sweeten it a bit. I don’t wish to downplay my “heroics,” but just to say that they were uninformed. So, I really was Vallywaged, not in a good way.

Photo by Bonny Pierzina.

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2 Responses to The Truth Emerges: Valleywag at the TechCrunch/PopSugar Party

  1. If everyone in this industry would quit acting like they were back in high school, this stuff wouldn’t happen in the first place. I watched about 30 seconds of the Calcanis stream only because I wanted to see the LA Times interview.

    I can’t believe VCs would hand money over to people who spend more time acting like they are living an episode of 90210 than building a decent company.

  2. Nicole says:

    I hope you’re referring to the SV people who are acting like they are living an episode of 90210 because none of the people who caused the whole “scene” actually live in LA.

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