Drama 2.0

My girlfriend and I attended the TechCrunch/PopSugar meetup last night. Well, Mike Arrington had to give Valleywag something to talk about. He, along with 6 bouncers escorted Bonny Pierzina, (a vlogger who was hired to photographer the event by Valleywag) out of the venue. This took place soon after after Jackson West, a new Valleywag writer, introduced himself to Arrington. Right when Bonny happened to be talking with Hayden Black and I, we were approached. As we stood there with Arrington for a moment, who was looking smugly at us as the bouncers surrounded her, I asked them not to spare sweet little Bonny, but they would not have it.

I later learned that the ever-charming Pete Cashmore of Mashable was kicked out as well, presumably becuase his blog competes with TechCrunch? I just don’t get it. I guess the idea of friendly competition/”co-opitition” are dead. More details here along with the photos Arrington does not want you to see! Even more pwnage ensued after the event. Well, hopefully everyone can be friends afterwords. Loren Feldman, who made a name for himself by calling out Arrington, is now friends with him.

LA Times reporter David Sarno reports Pete may have fabricated the story of his ouster at the party just for fun (via Valleywag).

Update 2: The Truth Emerges: Valleywag at the TechCrunch/PopSugar Party

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  1. sorry i missed ya buddy! interesting night! 😀

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