An analysis of Google’s Social Graph API

Despite the valid concerns that some have with Google‘s Social Graph API, I thought I would talk about the technical possibilities. My social graph may be of particular interest becuase I had used my WordPress blog’s XFN feature to mark up the blogs I read as “muse” and my profile on at least 10 social networks as “me.” Using the Google’s Social Graph API demo you can see my extensive list of FOAF and XFN URLs. There is also a machine readable format that could be fed into a new social network to find friends on that network. (click for a larger version)
I have illustrated what the data means, and how it was derived from these other sites.

I accidentally listed as another site of mine (I have it in my blogroll, I intended to mark it as “muse”, not “me”, I am not affiliated with them),  so it then goes on to show links to colleagues and acquaintances of that it attributes back to me. I have fixed this in my blog roll, but the Google cache has not updated yet.

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One Response to An analysis of Google’s Social Graph API

  1. Excellent illustration showing some of the magic available via Google’s Social Graph API.

    Any chance I could persuade you to help us create some similar illustrations of complex concepts like this for the DataPortability Project?

    To expand on that a bit, I’m a contributor to the DataPortability Project [1] and a member of the group’s Evangelism Action Group [2]. As you undoubtedly know, we’re facing an uphill battle to clearly articulate the message of using open standards to enable data portability across systems. The pieces of the puzzle are all (or nearly all) there, it just takes stitching them together effectively.

    From reading your past posts, you seem to have an amazing ability to clearly communicate complex subjects. It’d be great if you’d be willing to throw some of your mojo our way. Further, your music background might be kewl to help us on our next video project (check
    out the first one [3] )… we could use some tunes to help sell the next message.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    – Trent


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