Open Social Hype Hangover

I am going over all of the posts today questioning specific parts of Open Social. While the main point is that any 3rd party apps can work on any network (aka “container”), it seems there is no set standard on what happens to the data once it is in the hands of the 3rd party app. Can we then claim our 3rd party account from another container? Is there value in keeping more than one container and claiming all of accounts in the 3rd party apps in each of them? And what, if anything, is being done regarding cross-container friend linking? If I can claim a friend in another container, will my 3rd party app recognize that?

Marshall Kirkpatrick has three big concerns.
Brian Oberkirch agrees with Marshall , at this point you can call it open widget.
Tim Lee at Techdirt says Facebook has so much momentum they should not be concerned.
Umiar says Google recognizes the value of competing on openness.
Tantek thinks the missing parts can be fill with hCard+XFN supporting friends lists, OAuth, and OpenID.

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