Monetization Strategy is the New Creative Skill (you need to have)

Jaron Lanier has an opinion piece at NYT saying he wants to be paid for his creative content without much more context than that (he seems he has figured out how to get paid for his writing; by having NYT pay him). Yet I did know who he was until now. And if had, would I pay him for simple creativity alone? Probably not. Simple creativity is no longer scarce. The net lets anyone be creative. The ones who are making money are also creative in the way they get paid. People should use those creativity muscles to think of a strategy. This is the way things are going and there is no way to turn back.

If, for example, you have a strategy that gets people to buy virtual goods that cost you nothing to duplicate as the seller, and then create an ecosystem where they are scarce (because they cost real money), and then get people to give you money for them, I say congratulations, that is damn creative of you.

In other words, you cannot make money in content on the net unless there is something scarce (naturally or artificially) you can offer someone. You or someone very close to you needs to be the content creator, the marketer, the seller, the PR person. There are too many people out there that have figured it all out to let you compete in the same space. They are remarkable, and if you have no strategy other than to create content and expect something to fall into your lap, you are not.

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