The Facebook Transparency Backlash

These are not direct quotes, just summaries.

Jason Calacanis and Danah Boyd: I can’t keep up with my fans I have let into my network. I have too many of them to try and use it for my real friends only. And I don’t really need a social networking site to make new friends, I have plenty of good friends already. I could try to keep up with friends and fans in Facebook, I could just ignore it since it got out of hand, or try to classify people which go over well. It’s like I am having a party and I invited everyone who likes me and my close friends, and now that I just want to cool things down and party with my close friends, I run the risk of appearing rude.

Jeremiah Owyang: Now that adults are joining, they are befriending their kids and freaking them out, invading their personal web space, finding out things their kids did not want them to know.

Jeff Pulver and Dave McClure: Sure, you can use it for business because it is a great communication tool for business contacts. You can use it to create emergent business networks, and there are so many great uses cases, especially in comparison to other business contact applications.

Scott Karp: FaceBook should not be used for business because other people use them for other things like keeping in contact with friends, and I do not want to mix personal and business life in the same place.

The lesson is that once your Facebook profile starts to server a certain purpose for you, changes can creep up on your and you won’t be able to go back to the way things were. Decide what you want to use Facebook for now (business, family, real friends, fans of your blog) and change only when you know the consequences.

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