LA Times kills article suggesting that newspapers and record labels innovate

TechDirt points to the killed article that was leaked and will be reposted all over the net by the end of the day. The author of the killed article, Patrick Goldstein, was inspired by Prince’s strategy in giving away his new CD for free with a newspaper in the UK. Apparently they did not want to LA’s entrenched yet dying business model of selling plastic discs. You would think that the closing of Tower Records was a big enough sign that things need to change. Maybe when Amoeba goes under? I would hate to see that happen. This further prove that big media cannot always be trusted and independent media such as LA Observed has value in that it does not have to answer to special interests.

Giving music away doesn’t mean it has lost its value, just that its value is no longer moored to the price of a CD. Like it or not, the CD is dying, as is the culture of newsprint. People want their music — and their news — in new ways. It’s time we embraced change instead of always worrying if some brash new idea — like giving away music — would tarnish our sober minded image. When businesses are faced with radical change, they are usually forced to ask — is it a threat or an opportunity? Guess which choice is the right answer.

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