Symfony-Project/PHP programmers wanted for web app project

My partners and I are seeking a programming/developer team for a web app project in PHP/Symfony-project/MySQL. The first task we are looking to assign is part of a larger project, and if the results are satisfactory, we may send you other parts of the project as well. My team consists of myself (Nick), a project manager, and a lead LAMP stack web programmer specializing in the Symfony framework.

Our requirements:

1. We would like you to give us an estimated cost and time to complete the project. The specifications will be listed in the e-mail reply that I can send you when you contact me.

2. We need a programmer be available to communicate by:
-Instant Messenger
Please list hours of availability to speak/chat

3. Please send references, such as sites or applications you have made. Ideally, an example of a Symfony project.

4. How many people do you have that can work on the project? Will it be a team? If so, how many are in the team?

If this is you, you are wanted. Send inquiries to nick dot dynice [a|t] g mail dott com

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