BarcampLA, day 2

(read about day 1 here)

Ok, here is my rundown of BarCampLA3, day 2 on 3/25/07, a week and a half later (let’s see if I can remember everything).BarCampLA3

Some of the campers woke up to see Heather demonstrating a voice and video chat app called Oovoo by talking with this guy Dougie Fresh (not the rapper) who was in Hong Kong at that time. He is doing this stunt called Tuxedo Travels where he is going to travel through Asia wearing a tuxedo and doing silly things in public and then documenting it with blogs and photos. It is for good cause: buying goats for the locals. Crystal talked about microformats, in particular, creating a link in a blog post that will add a contact to your address book using vcard. Lisa gave a demo on tubelogs. Chris Gagne demoed his web app Cerbumi, a cross between a project management app, and a wiki, but with an Ebay-like reputation system who’s goal is to solve the worlds problems (not kidding, and it seems to bee a great idea). demoed a work in progress, Cars which features all kinds of cool java script and search capabilities. It should be ready for a proper TechCruch review after he implements RSS feeds that allow you to subscribe to notifications on the availability of the exact make, model, and year of used car you are looking for (I think you can also specify a zip code and mileage on the car in the feed). Richard and Andy talked about Creative Commons and played this this flash movie and a couple of others. Reichart asked them if there is a machine readable CC license (sounds like a microformats project) and Richard and Andy said they would ask the community if that was possible. Jennifer lead a discussion on social media consumption habits. Ilya gave a talk “Why the Future Never Came” which I tried to record since I was going to be in another session, but my recorder’s batty died. Vikram Ahuja of Carnegie Mellon’s International Institute for the Management of Creative Enterprises gave a talk called “Irrelevancy of Platforms” about how in the future, all media outlet will use all platforms, so the platform does not matter, but the media does matter. Tommy Dean lead a discussion with a title packed with buzzwords “the long tail of social networking”. He said he was nervous on stage but I could not tell. Jason and Crystal did a workshop on how to improve your WordPress blog. Thanks to Heathervescent for being a great hostess and organizer.

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