On the Kathy Sierra Situation…

Kathy Sierra is talking about two separate (possibly linked? the evidence has been destroyed) and distinct incidences, both of which have scared her away from E-Tech.

The first one was a comment on her own blog, the “death threat” where a commenter from Spain said that he did not like her and wished that bad things would happen to her.

The second one was in a couple of mean spirited blogs (that allowed multiple authors) that ClueTrain Manifesto co-author Chris Locke put up. In a post he did not author, he commented, calling her an unflattering by not misogynistic name. Other comments by other commenters on these blogs were misogynistic in nature. Locke and the others responsible for these sites have taken them down due to this incident.

The only thing that Kathy can show is that these incidents happened around the same time, in the last 4 weeks.

I love Kathy Sierra. She is in inspiration to tens of thousands of people. I also have a lot of respect to Chris Locke. I do not agree with Locke’s characterization of Sierra. However, I think Sierra has unintentionally sensationalized the matter and is making Locke look worse than he really is, and with the aid of Scoble, this may have caused a misguided mob to attack Locke.

What can be said is that when sensible people start to behave badly or don’t take a minute to think, they are inviting some truly insane people to behave even worse. I guess that is just human nature. What a mess. Let’s just stop talking about this. If we do not, the mean people will win. But they will probably both sell more books.

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