How to consume SXSWi07 in realtime without being there with web 2.0

SXSWi2007Why sit hat home and be sad that you could not make it to SXSWi? Web 2.0 offers tools that will let you know about any major (and extremely minute) developments, minus the actual face-to-face conversation you might have with people you only read or read about in blogs. If you really have no life and nothing better to do than to sit in front of your computer all weekend and then at work as we go into the weekdays, you can follow the instructions below to be well informed in real time about SXSWi 2007.

1. Join Twitter (here I am on Twitter). Add all of the A-list bloggers you care about that you know are going to be there, or just add everyone who has added SXSW on Twitter. Send the updates to your IM. Not only will you hear how great Kathy Sierra’s talk was (here is the audio, thanks Scoble), but you’ll also know what bar everyone is going to next. Do not have these updates sent via SMS or your phone might explode.

2. Live-read liveblogging. Do a search in Google Blog Search (sorry Technorati, you have become too slow) for SXSWi07 or any other similar tags, and copy and paste the RSS feeds into a ZapTXT zaptask that sends a message to your IM. Now, you can see the livebloggers post minutes after that have posted. I suggest Yahoo!IM since you can still see the messages that have been sent to you when you were logged out. The alternative would be an e-mail, but we don’t need our in boxes anymore flooded than they are already.

3. Subscribe to the SXSW tag’s RSS feed in Flickr to see all of your favorite A-list bloggers getting smashed at the after parties. Add the tag’s RSS feed to another ZapTXT zaptask that sends to your IM. Most of the uploads will probably occur the next morning so there will be a 8 hour delay on this. Hopefully the hangovers will not prevent the photos from being tagged properly, but trust that they will be uploaded the next morning.

For extra points, use Meebo as your IM client. This way you are using 100% web apps and services.

Podcast Feed for SXSW talks, SXSWi07’s podcast page

Update 3/15/07:
Ha! Kathy says it better, of course.

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  1. Sameer says:

    Hey Nick
    Thanks for suggesting ZapTXT. Sphere and IceRocket also offer feeds for search results.
    We had a lot of folks doing what you suggest for the Web 2.0 conference last year and people loved it.

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