BarcampLA, day 1

BarCampLA3 day one has been a blast. I met a lot of cool people, and caught up with some others. The most impressive so far has been Reichart’s new service QTask, a project management system with a stress on accountability and compliance. QTask is like BaseCamp times 100. That description is just the tip of the iceberg, really. Also impressive was a presentation on a computer simulation modeling a society considering economics, geography, and scarcity. The projects subtitle was “scarcity as a complex adaptive systems in simulation.” The owner and lead architect of SuperViva showed us her site made for setting and sharing goals. I met Gabe Rivera of TechMeme who happened to be down here in LA for a bit, and we talked about RSS aggregators and linking behaviors. Listened to Joanna talk about her work as a chef, about knives, and saucepans. But the highlight of the night was ppt karaoke, improvisational presentations on random Power Points, such as a “what is web 2.0” for an executive who is not yet in the know.

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