The Secret to 37 Signals’ Strategy

Let's Get Real or Let's Not Play (audio CD)I just downloaded an audio book on selling, Let’s Get Real or Let’s Not Play by Mahan Khalsa from at the recommendation of Rajesh Setty in his ChangeThis Manifesto 25 Ways to Distinguish Yourself. I am only a quarter of the way through, and I am noticing it has a lot in common with what Jason Fried and Ryan Singer of 37 Signals say. In Googeling Mahan Khalsa and 37 Signals, I did not find Jason referencing this book, so it could just be a coincidence. 37 Signals as an e-book Getting Real (which I highly recommend) which has a similar title this book Khalsa’s book. One of the topics Jason Ryan mentions in blog posts and in 37S’s seminars is “illusion of agreement.” Khalsa calls it “No Guessing” what the client means when the client simply says something like “we need X.” Your definition of X may be different than the client’s definition. I admire Fried, Singer, and the rest of the team for the philosophies they preaches whether they are borrowed or not. This is a great book to check out if you want to communicate the way that 37 Signals does with their clients.

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