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Via BoingBoing and TechDirt, Diane Feinstein (D-Ca) seeks to make music listening more difficult and more expensive for everyone across America to line the pockets of villainous organizations such as the RIAA.

Take action here at There is a form to automatically generate a letter and fill in your address. I have customized my letter below. I have focused less on the recoding aspect and more on the listening aspect. If they are going to make it hard to record music, this also spills over into listening to music.

Dear Mrs. Feinstein,

As a resident of California and a constituent with an interest in technological innovation and the future of music playback devices and radios, I am writing to ask you to oppose S.256, the PERFORM Act, introduced in the Senate by you, Senator Feinstein.

The “first 100” hours are very precious, and I don’ think this bill is a good use of taxpayer’s time. You seeks to cripple the music listening experience of everyday people by catering to do organizations such as the RIAA who are suing the likes of children and grandmothers. Electronic music devices are complicated enough as they are. I know, I work for a major home and car radio maker. I have personally spoken with tens of thousands of users of home and car stereos, and I am telling you that these honest, hard working Americans do not need another layer of complexity in their lives with something as simple as a home stereo. Your legislation seeks to make music listening even more complicated for future generations of your own constituents and for everyone across America.

Mrs. Feinstein, when you were young, I am sure music was there during key parts of your life. What if someone like beloved Dick Clark was telling lawmakers what record players he wanted people to use so he could make even more money from the artists he promoted? You are helping to facilitate the modern day equivalent of this. If it was harder for you to listen to records or the radio becuase the laws told you what record players or radios you could user or when you could play them, I am sure there are nuances of your life that would be different. Do you really want to facilitate a villainous cartels such as the RIAA that takes music away from people by using the their beloved Piracy defense to hoard even more money from everyday music listeners? I don’t think you are that type of person. This is no different than President Bush’s strawman argument eavesdropping on telephone calls helps preserve our freedom, an argument that you clearly at odds with. See

Radios that work perfectly fine now may need to be discarded, putting more toxic chemicals in our landfills. With standards changing, manufactures will be encouraged to make even cheaper products that do not last very long, making customers’ dollars get them even less than it does now.

I urge you to defend my right, your right, and the rights of every American enjoy music, and the freedom of technologists and musicians to innovate new, profitable technological tools. Please oppose the PERFORM Act.

Nicholas Dynice

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4 Responses to Help Oppose the PERFORM Act

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  2. Jim Coleman says:

    I am writing in strong support of the Perform Act which will attempt to eliminate Internet piracry which is robbing creative artists of the compensaton their deserve. Fortunately, there is a company located in Santa Cruz, California called Mediq Rights Technologies (MRT) which has come up with the solution for what is called for in the Perform Act. MRT’s Secure X1 technology will completely stop the illegal copying of streamng audio files as well as all other forms of Internet piracy. Once this technology has been deployed, an end will come to the billions of songs and DVDs illegally stolen every month from the Internet. This bill MUST pass to protect and save the arts in this country.

  3. Nick says:

    Thank you for the comment, Jim. Jim, you can have all of the MRT’s Secure X1 and Perfom Acts as you want to, but it is not going to stop piracy one bit. Millions of dollars have been invested in DRM only to have them broken by board teenagers in Europe in a couple of days. All major DRM platforms have been cracked despite laws such as the DMCA that make these activities illegal! There is no silver bullet. Along with some pats on the backs of politicians, these technologies do nothing but make it more difficult for the technically inept to enjoy music. I invite you to watch Cory Doctorow’s talk, Pwned: How copyright turns us all into IP serfs and think a litter harder about this.

    Content creation companies need to adjust their business plans to this paradigm shift and stop it with the laws and the technology. Music is just not worth what it used to be worth to the consumer. I know it is hard to swallow, Jim. I am a musician myself.

  4. Jim Coleman says:

    The Secure X1 technology from MRT will never be broken. And, if it ever is, the people at MRT will fix the problem, immediately. There must be a stop to Internet piracy for the protection of creative artists in this country. The Perform Act must pass and alloy the technology from MRT to be deployed.

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