Voices.com mad about Google’s upcoming radio ads service

According to TechCrunch, a voice talent service called Voices.com is mad because Google’s new audio ad service seems to be a competitor. Why not just partner with them? There could be services that the two companies can provide to each other. Being in audio production myself, I am hoping that I can get some work from local business wanting a radio spot using the new Google service or maybe even Voices.com.

David Ciccarelli at the Voices.com blog explains more on this: Google Audio Ads Lowers Cost with Remnant Ads, How Google Audio Ads Work.

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One Response to Voices.com mad about Google’s upcoming radio ads service

  1. Neeraj says:

    Dear Nick,

    In any case it would be very good opportunity for many aspiring voice talent. I am also looking to list more and more voice talent in all languages to display on http://www.VoiceArtistes.com

    kindly refer some….the voice industry seems to growing at a rapid pace…..specially in south east asia where voice now is used in may avenues

    Neeraj Mehraa


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