BarCampLA II, November 11th and 12th

I’ll be attending BarCampLA II this weekend. I am not sure what I will talk about yet. It will either be to facilitate a discussion on helping people find desktop or web applications that they did not know existed, or Leveraging Emergent Behaviors Online, or my ideas for a new microformat around books. It should be fun. You can test drive an electric car, learn about the semantic web and microformats, hear the leading expert on emergent behaviors in social networks, learn CSS for WordPress and Drupal, and drink free wine. Here is a list of attendees and what they will be talking about.

Do you need a web developer for a Drupal or WordPress project? A marketing strategist to manage your social media profiles, search ads, or SEO? Contact me here.

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  1. michael lambie says:

    nick. looking forward to the presentation.


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