iPod Games for iTunes 7…iPod Apps?

The other cool announcment Apple made yesterday was iPod games. This means that it may be possible for developers to make applications that run on the iPod. I remember getting really excited about chapter markers, but this is a much bigger deal. Ben Sinclair has taken a look at the .ipg file that is an iPod Game file, and discovered it is a zip file with audio, xml, and image files inside. Apple was thinking what I was thinking when I suggested this format and stuck it on a wiki at suggestions4ipodanditunes.com, and my proposed iiml (interactive iPod markup language) format and intreactive iPod audio file.

Ben wrote to Apple, and they have replied, stating that there are currently no plans for an iPod games SDK. I really hope this is not so that can make it so that the only way to get these files is to buy them. I bet, that in a matter of days, someone will post the instructions on how to hack these applications together. As podcasting was platform that was not intended by Apple that they embraced, iPod apps could also be a new platform that the developer/hacker/iPod user communities will exploit big time. This is the beginning of the iPod as an open source applications platform.

Interesting read, The Video Game Crash of 1983 on Wikipedia. Do they want to protect the game industry by keeping out homebrews?

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2 Responses to iPod Games for iTunes 7…iPod Apps?

  1. Paul says:


    If we can get a little bit of organisation going we should be able to crack it eventually.

    anyone reading this feel free to email me there thoughts at contact@ipodgames.com

    I’ve been waiting for this day 🙂 yahooooo!

  2. roanne says:

    there are problems, however, on some games downloaded on iTunes store that it can hardly be played on some computers. it looks as if corrupted. although, there’s this blogger who found a temporal solution to overcome the glitch.

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