TSA Claims Terrorist Victory

Sure, they did not get to blow up a couple planes, but they did manage to make the TSA impose all kinds of idiotic new rules. This is a victory for them. Let us live normal lives. I bet if someone were to tell them that there is a new bomb you can set off by thinking about it, they would ban thinking.

Update 8/24/06
Bruce Schneier says it much better over at Wired. I hope this propegates a new meme. Antiterror: the ability for the press and politicians to refuse (not just resist) to make a big deal about any terrorist related events. Bush says, “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.” I say “Either you are for terror or you are anitterror.”

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  1. me says:


    i will not fly again until i can take lipstick with me on the plane!

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