I got a spam e-mail at my work to my department’s collective inbox (it gets all kind of spam I get to delete) about a new book called Egonomics.

egonomics: the difference between having ego work for or against us. Will be published by Simon & Schuster in early 2007.

Their site is a WordPress blog, and they are publishing chapters of the book on their blog, similar to the way Naked Conversations did. Their blogroll does not link to other blogs, but only to traditional media outlets like Fast Company and HBR. They have been writing since 2/2006. They have no comments or trackbacks. They are using Technorati, but they have links in neither Technorati nor in Google. One other person has bookmarked the site in, and it happens that that have tagged 22 other site (at the time of this writing) with the tag egonomics. I have a feeling this is one of the authors using for research.

The subject matter seems interesting. It is like the other side of decentralized control. It is the top-down approach that we all love to talk badly about while we praise the innovations of kaizen and talking with the employees further down the org chart. And talk about ego, they don’t appear to joining the conversation in public (no comments on other blogs). And spamming to promote the book? Bad. It seems the book may offer insights on how to keep your ego from ruining yourself or your company. In the case of their blog, did they let their egos keep them from joining he conversation since no one has linked to them?

If you are going to use a blog to promote your book, please follow the rules of the blogosphere. Actually, it just struck me that not contributing to the conversation is a very clever tactic that is on-theme with the book. If this is the case, nice work. I just took the bait! Very clever. If not, please contact me authors of this book, and I’ll be happy to help.

Update: They appear to be talking with various people via e-mail. I guess the people giving feedback are not bolggers. The authors are posting people’s feedback e-mails to the blog.

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3 Responses to Egonomics

  1. me says:

    damn! why didn’t i think about writing that book.i am the master of ego at work without being overbearing! i KNOW how to use ego to its full potential and have it work for who else but ME! i should begin a blog on THAT!

  2. steve smith says:

    I just read your post after visiting our “blog.” Thanks for noticing us. The quick history of our blog is that it wasn’t really a blog, as you noticed. We were simply using the blog as a way to get feedback from about 100 readers in the market on our book, and that was the most efficient way. Over the last month we’ve become a real blog (or at least we’re trying). Right now, we’re somewhat of a “billboard in the desert.” We have clients who read our blog, but we’re in such frequent contact with them they don’t really post/comment.

    We’re launching a permission email (doing our best not to spam…sorry for the one that hit you) for people to join the conversation. We definitely want a dialogue on the topic, not a monologue.

    I have to say that our not participating on the blog wasn’t a clever marketing tactic (although I guess that could have been a good idea…too late), just an efficiency for getting feedback while swamped writing the book .

    Anyway, I just felt we owed you an explanation since you took the time to post about our book and let you know where we were coming from. Thanks for paying attention and hope you join the conversation. We think it’s an important one.



  3. Nick says:

    Yeah, sorry to be the “blog rule zealot.” I had just read Naked Conversations when I wrote that. I think I am over that phase now.

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