Tron as a Euphemism for Participatory Media Today

It has been many years since I have seen it, but from what I remember, part of the subtext of Tron was a social commentary on the little guy making a difference. The main character’s physical being gets digitizes and exits in the network. He then exists in a world of programs. He is difference because he is an actual user, not a program. He gets into this digital world candlings the status quo, and untimely, takes down “the man,” Master Control. I think this parallels with participatory media/web 2.0 today.

Photo by Petromyzon, licenced under CC.

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One Response to Tron as a Euphemism for Participatory Media Today

  1. me says:

    wow! i always simply thought of tron as a silly 80’s movie. i’ll have to watch it.
    i am all for anything that deals with taking down the man..YEAH!!

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