Tim O’Reilly and the Web 2.0 Trademark thing

This whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. Tim O’Reilly would not have let it come to this if he had prior knowledge. I think Tom Raftery of IT@Cork has taken this opportunity to promote his own conference by giving Tim a black eye in the blogosphere. Some of the comments I am seeing to Tim’s response are just harsh and uncalled for. You know that Tim “gets it,” and this was never his intention. But the CMP lawyers didn’t get it, and this is understandable. They just don’t get our world yet. The blogosphere enjoys nothing more that laughing and pointing at the non-blogosphere who to not get transparency/open source/cluetrain/free culture/creative commons and all associated memes. I think it is just human nature for people to laugh and ridicule outsiders. The blogosphere just brings out the best and the worst of people.

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