When law trumps usability and fair use

Check out this CNet article about how the DMCA is going to get worse. It is all in the name of combating “IP crime,” which in actually is this thing that I think is the American way, and it is called “fair use.” In the article, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales states:

“[New technology is] encouraging large-scale criminal enterprises to get involved in intellectual-property theft, [and] “quite frankly, to fund terrorism activities.”

This has got to be complete BS. Statements like this show you that the terrorists did win/are winning.

IPAction.org is sending iPods to Congress members so they can understand the consumer rights they might trample on. You can help IPAction.org is effort by donating.

As reported by the EFF, CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) is trying to combat these moves by running an PSA in some Washington D.C. newspapers by pointing out that consumers are not pirates.

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