Google BookSearch-Friendly Publishers?

As reported by BoingBoing, Tom Evslin’s blog Jason Kottke’s blog, and by John himself, Penguin Group, who publishes John Battelle’s book, The Search, a book about the rise of Google, is suing Google over the Google BookSearch program, and doing it against John’s will. The irony!

This makes me wonder; are any book publishers positioning themselves as Google BookSearch-friendly to prospective authors who agree with the program? I would have thought Wiley would be down with this since they publish a lot of new media-savvy books, but they are on the list of the publishers suing Google, part of the Authors Guild. Of course, there are the O’Rilley books on Google Book Search. But what about books on topics other than programming books?

I think Cory Doctorow may have selected a publisher for his books, Tom Doherty Associates, LLC as a publisher that would allow the authors to have the freedom to do what they want with their books, since Cory has released several books under Creative Commons.

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