BarCamp LA, day two

So day two of BarCampLA was when things really got interesting. My day started with Chris Holland’s presentation on microformats and sip protocol. Then the Ask a Ninja crew talked about how to produce, host, market, and then eventually sell your video podcast, all for free. Then, Travis Kalanick great presentation on his company RedSwoosh. It is like BitTorrent but for hosting files for a web page. I interviewed Travis for the Web 2.0 Show podcast.

Then, I listened to Heathervencet and Mistress Chi Chi (aka Carmen De Jesus), Ben Christen, and Jon Bishkie talk about Getting Things Done. It is a pretty simple yet effective concept. As that was going on, I recorded Chris Messina taking about whats new with Flock.

I interviewed Debi Jones, Jason Roberts (nothing here yet, but when the service launches, it will be here), Lucas Gonze, and Travis Kalanick. I think we will release one interview each day, and possibly some of the presentations on the Web 2.0 Show podcast. Ian Roger’s presentation was very good, and the sound came out pretty decently.

It was nice to connect with people who were as enthusiastic about new media as I am. Very mentally stimulating.

I really wish I would have been able to attend all of the talks, but there were three going on at any given time. Next time, I’d like to have three recording systems going on at the same time, and assign someone to record and place a wireless mic on the presenters.

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