BarCamp LA, day one

I did a couple interviews tonight for the Web 2.0 Show Podcast at BarCampLosAngeles tonight.

The first one was with Isaac Garcia with, a really cool team collaboration service. If you think the 37 Signals “less is more” mantra is over rated, check out Isaac’s app. It has a ton of cool features.

Jon Bischke with LearningOutLoud answered some questions about learning through audio books. He says with the ubiquity of iPods and mobile phones, spoken word audio will go main stream.

Lastly, I spoke with Ian Rogers who is part of the Yahoo Music team. Yahoo Music is the only company moving toward an open standard that will eventually lead to the end of frustrations consumers have in being locked into specific platform. They know customers hate DRM, and are making moves to end it, and improve the user experience miles beyond its competitors.

I also met fellow Long Beach resident Patrick Neeman who is working on a super secret stealth project.

I saw some demos of Flock, Goowy, Preezo, CentralDesktop, and Yahoo Go TV, all of which blew me away. I think Goowy is the company that Fox Interactive purchased the other day. If Goowy was integrated with MySpace along with their new mobile service, we are going to see some major disruption in the social space that will cement MySpace there for some time to come.

BarCampLA need more hackers and coders. So if you are one, and are considering coming, I think you will have fun.

Looking forward to day 2 of BarCampLA.

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  1. kareem says:

    Hi Nick,
    Sorry I missed sitting down w/ you at Barcamp, but glad you have a good time!


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