Tom Leykis is Podcasting!

San Francisco radio station 106.9 Free FM is podcasting the Tom Leykis Show! Read more here.

From 91.7 KLSX, LA (seems to be updated more frequently) at

Update: 2/24/09:
97.1 Free FM is no longer a talk station, no longer carrying Tom’s show. So the fate of Tom’s show is up in the air. Tom does not have his own feed at his own site that contain these podcasts, they originate from and will most likely no be updated, so check his MySpace blog for updates. He has RSS feed icons all over the place on his site, but there are no true XML feeds with MP3 attachments on the site, they are all streams (bad, Tom). If you really need to here some Tom right now, subscriber in iTunes here to download the last 16 episodes.

Update 6/2006:
Tom Leykis is funny and all but I think you will find much more useful information at the Pickup Podcast.

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One Response to Tom Leykis is Podcasting!

  1. George Lomas says:

    We need more of Tom Leykis all over the planet!! He is one one the very best in talk radio. Keep the podcast coming they are keeping the Leykis fans alive.-

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