The Home Satellite Radio Killer: Pandora + Squeezebox

Via via New York Times, automatically personalized playlist music streaming site is now compatible with a hardware streaming device, the Squeezebox.

In my opinion, this makes Sirius and XM home tuners/service obsolete. No need to mount an antenna on your roof pointing in a specific direction. No need to sit through commercials or songs you do not like (there were no commercials in the beta). The sound quality of Pandora is better. No need to pay $13 a month. When Pandora was in private beta over the summer, I tried it, and I think they said it was $35 for an entire year. $13 x 12 months is around $160 a year. Yea for disruptive business plans!

Of course the only (an I mean only, as in just 1) advantage satellite radio has over streaming radio is that satellite radio is portable.

So I can get streaming radio from Pandora on the Squeezbox. If I can get any video podcast delivered to my TiVo, I’ll be in content 2.0 heaven!

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