TiVo and Video Podcasts

I am not much of a TV person. I have one, but I never turn it on. I am a podcast listener and a blog reader. Right now, you can download the Rocketboom video podcast to your Tivo. Tivo is coming out with a service where you can stream podcasts. Here is what I want. I want to subscribe to Rocketboom, DiggNation, and any other video podcast I like. Then, when I come home from work, anything that has been released has downloaded to my Tivo and I can just watch them. I don’t have a Tivo now. But if thus feature became available, buying a Tivo would be my top priority. I hope I would not have to pay for anything since I am not recording regular TV. I know I am probably in the minority but I don’t care. Or am I? How many Digg users are there? At least 60,000. And how many in the Twit army? 100,000? And don’t forget about the long tail. TiVo could pump out contextual ads to geeks they would actually care about. Tivo does need to try and stretch its market share.

Update 2/25/2006
I was right.

Update 5/9/2006
Another step closer.
TiVo hooks up with Internet video and ad sales service

Update 11/14/2006
Closer yet.
Coming Soon via Your TiVo: Internet Video on Television
Via Techmeme

Update 1/4/2007
Evan Young of TiVo Discusses the Details of the new TiVoCast Service.

Update 8/19/2007
If you want to watch video podcasts on your TV, you should probably get an AppleTV. Here is a comparison of the TiVo Series 3 and AppleTV. You cannot watch any podcast you want to on a TiVo Series 3, but you can with an AppleTV.

Update 3/15/08:
How to get YouTube on a TiVo.

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