Yahoo is kicking ass

I joke around with my friend who uses Yahoo for search. I say “just Google it, I mean, in your case, Yahoo it.” “Yahoo it” does not sound as cool as “Google it.” Yet, I am very impressed with the moves Yahoo has made in comparison with what Google has done, despite the fact that Google stock outperforms Yahoo by a factor of 10.

Here is what Yahoo as done this year:
-acquired Konfabulator
-released Yahoo 360 social networking site
-acquired Flickr
-released an RSS aggregator/RSS reader/e-mail browser
-released Yahoo alerts application
-deal with Six Apart
-deal with Gawker

What has Google done?
-acquired Dodgeball (who?)
-opend Google Maps API to developers
-released Google Sitemap tool
-released Google Talk (only one person on my buddy list so far)
-released custom home page (which I use everyday, 8 hours a day)
-released Goggle Reader (which I hate)
-released Google Analytics tool
-acquired a private plane
-opened homepage module API to developers

I wrote this before the post on Signal vs. Noise here , just had not published it yet.

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