What Google or Yahoo could do if they aquired TiVo

Here is how Google or Yahoo could extended their reach even more if they acquired TiVo. I will outline the steps they could take in the order they would need to take them in.

1. Google could open Orkut to everyone, and allow them to create profiles where they enter the types of things they are interested in (movies, music, books, hobbies, professions). Or, Yahoo could acquire Tribe.net or Friendster.com since Yahoo360 does not seem to be catching on, and they are in acquisition mode.

2. Allow Google AdSense or Yahoo Searchmarketing users to make video or audio-with-still-images commercials and host them on Google or Yahoo.

3. Google or Yahoo acquires TiVo, adds BitTorrent, video blog directory, any other free content.

4. TiVo becomes free or offered at a discount if users are Orkut/Friendster/Tribe members.

5. AdSense/Yahoo Searchmarketing commercials are matched with the user’s Orkut/Friendster/Tribe profile, and users need to watch short commercials created by the AdSense/Yahoo Searchmarketing users in between the free video content they have subscribed to, or, there are Google/Yahoo banner ads along the bottom of the screen.

6. Google/Yahoo adds a feature similar to Odeo in their search where the TiVo will download content they find in their search.

UPDATE: I just found this similar article that touches slightly on what I am suggesting here, an interview with John Battelle.

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