Ruby on Rails Workshop

I really want to go to this intensive, three day, limited to 12 people Ruby on Rails workshop at the end of next month, but I am poor. Will you help me by donating? It is a whooping $995! Thanks! In return, I can do you a special favor you may need that I am capable of, including:
*Making you a theme song for your podcast
*Taking an old dat tape of your band and uploading it to the Podsafe Music Network
*Taking an old dat tape, cassette tape, or 1/4 reel tape and turning it into a podcast which includes web hosting and creating a related blog that you can write to
*Making you a chapter enhanced podcast
*Audio compression (making it so the sound is not really quiet in some parts and really loud in other parts) and EQing for your podacst

update 1/31/06
The workshop has come and gone, and I was not able to attend 🙁 but I am going to the RoR meetup tonight.

Do you need a web developer for a Drupal or WordPress project? A marketing strategist to manage your social media profiles, search ads, or SEO? Contact me here.

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  1. mhm.
    you arn’t living in Europe so you can’t go to this ( which is much cheaper.

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