Microsoft, you should buy Writely and JotSpot

Microsoft, you cannot afford to wait for your own Office Live or whatever you want to call it to be written. By the time you are done, it will be too late and these other companies will have taken the market and made you irrelevant. So, why don’t you follow the lead of Yahoo and start buying Web 2.0 apps like Writely and Jotspot, and one of the Web 2.0 calendar apps that are still privately owned? You could only have dreamed of completing something like this by this time yourself. Just don’t mess them up too much and disenfranchise the user base. Eh, you probably don’t care about that.

Update, 3/2006
Too late, Google got it.

Update 10/31/2006
Google snaps up JotSpot.

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One Response to Microsoft, you should buy Writely and JotSpot

  1. brian keesbury says:

    sorry google beat them to it

    go google

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