RIAA Targets MashUp

As reported on Boing Boing by DRM actvist Cory Doctorow, RIAA has threatened MashUpTown.com. This is a site that songs that are remixed music fans. They are usually taken from two or more familiar songs. This is, of course, what makes them fun to listen to. It is fun to listen to a familiar song that has been remixed with another familiar song. Sometimes it is the music from one song and the vocals of another. Well, now mashups are contraband. But will that keep people from making them and hearing them? No way. My guess is that they are going to be relegated to P2P, FTP, and IRC. Maybe you will hear a DJ at a club play one. But you can no longer just got to a website and stream or download one.

As Adam Curry has mentioned on the Daily Source Code, whenever Adam would play a “Hit Test” by Jan Polet (a sort of name that tune game played on Adam Curry’s podcast), he would sell those songs through his iTunes Music Store affiliate link.

When will the RIAA get it? We will hear whatever we want on the net, and if we like it, we will buy it. This is the point I made in one of my first blog posts Using Content to Promote the Content. I guess someone like BMI is going to have to make a “Fair Use License” for not commercial use. This just goes to show that most people believe that copywriter content in pop culture belongs to the people. With the advent of tools that allow anyone to easily edit music (audio), video, text, and photos, the remix culture is here to stay, and there is nothing RIAA or anyone else can do to stop it.

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One Response to RIAA Targets MashUp

  1. me says:

    indie 103.1 fm plays mash-ups every day at around 4:30.
    it is the first place i heard of them. they’ve been doing that for some time now.

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