I`m going to the Podcast Expo, and new service at Deep Signal Studios

I’ll be at the Podcast Expo tomorrow. I hope to meet some cool people to do business with in the future. I may help John Furrier of the Podtech.net podcast manage ID3 tags on an ongoing basis. I meet with him tomorrow.

I have a new idea that I am going to launch on Deep Signal Studios. It is the Audio Archive-to-Podcast Converter Service. I will record the audio from a legacy format (1/4 tape reels, cassette, viynil) where the organization submitting the audio owns the copyright, and host it as a podcast for a fee. Another service I am rolling out is to take an old dat tape of your band, record it, and post it on the Podsafe Music Network at music.podshow.com for a fee.

Do you need a web developer for a Drupal or WordPress project? A marketing strategist to manage your social media profiles, search ads, or SEO? Contact me here.

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