Apple should buy Tivo…NOW!

Now that Apple is going to sell videos (music videos, TV shows, and probably movies in the future), mainly for the new Video iPod, now is the time to buy Tivo. They released their media center software FrontRow with their new iMac G5. What if they were to buy Tivo, and then make it possible to replace the Tivo OS with a hybrid of Front Row/Tivo/iTunes/iTMS along with the ability to connect an iPod to the USB port on a Series 2 Tivo to transfer Tivo recorded video to the Video iPod, and allow music to be purchased through the Tivo and transfer to the iPod? There are already tons of Tivos out there. And most Tivo owners are probably also iPod owners. I don’t really think that Apple expects people to replace their TVs with the new iMac G5, partly because the screen size is fixed.

One argument why this might not happen is because Apple thinks of themselves first as hardware manufactures, and the media distribution (iTMS) was set up to make their hardware (iPod) stronger in the marketplace. So, they would need to change their thinking, to think of themselves as a media distribution company as one of their core business units, along with manufacturing of Mac, iPod, and OSX.

Oh, I just realized something. If people could transfer Tivoed video to their Video iPod, Apple will sell less video content through iTMS. This would be a great experience for the customer, not such a great deal for Apple. Never mind.

If anything, Tivo should realize that they should partner with a portable video player manufacturer that will allow the transfer of Tivo recorded video content to the portable unit, just to disrupt Apple, and then cause Apple and its content partners to be even more innovative.

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