RCA’s HDTV Website


RCA is hawking a Dummies book: HDTV for Dummies on the HDTV section of their site. On the same page there is a SDTV logo with the slogan “Digital TV for Everyone.” I think this slogan is another way that the CE industry is continuing to perpetuate the confusion of HDTV by applying marketing spin. Of course, SDTV is plain old TV (standard definition television). You could connect a digital device to it such as a digital cable box, satellite receiver, or TiVo, but none of this is necessarily HDTV. Digital does not mean HDTV.

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3 Responses to RCA’s HDTV Website

  1. jesuislafille says:

    HOWEVER, the cable people told me that with my new and improved cable tv that i recently upgraded to, i can access the hdtv channels. so it is possible to access high definition tv in some instances by simply installing digital cable. i was told that many people are unaware of that. ..but because i am a bit slow with this sorta stuff i forgot what they told me in order to access them. hahaha.

  2. Nick says:

    What you are playing for when you pay for HDTV is the HD quality. And if you TV is not HD ready, there is no benefit. It is as if there is a charge for color TV, but you TV is only capable of black-and -white, but since you are paying for color TV, you think you are getting the benefit of color, but you are not.

  3. me says:

    i’m not paying for hdtv…in addition to the new channels i get i also have viewing access to hdtv channels =)

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